Tips for hiking

Are you those types of people who love the outdoors or go hiking, or you want to go hiking and don’t know what to do? These are some tips that might help you when you go hiking for the first time, to ensure that you are going to get the best experience possible. 


Plan where are you going. See what trail you are going to take when you go hiking. Do some research on the place you going to hike, see if it’s safe to hike there, or what is that path you are going to take. Let some friends join you on the hike or outdoors invite one friend to go with you. If you hike for the first time do some research how to hike.   

Health and safety 

Your health and safety are always important. Invite a friend who has expires, who have done hiking or ask someone who has done it before for advice. Take more than one water bottle, take the amount of water for the dictions you are walking. Bring a map and a compass with you don’t know how it works find out how to use a compass. Study the map first before you begin to hike so that you know how to walk. 

Put on some sum protection because the sun is hot and can get sunburned and is not safe for your skin. Always carry a First Aid kit with you if in case someone gets hurt.  After every hour take a 10 min break to rest so that you can carry on and not get tried, and tell someone where are you going if you are going alone. 

What do you need to pack? 

When hiking you need accessories for the hike and things you need to know before you hike. Dress in layers for the temperature, upon a mountain range temperature can change quickly always pack a jacket. So, stay warm and dry and if your shocks get wet stop to change them, and never wear cotton clothes. Get a backpack that is easy to carry and where you have space to carry your belongings and put your food in somethings so it can last longer. 

Are you ready to go and hike now? These tips might help you if it is your first time. Always be prepared for anything that can happen along the way.  Enjoy the hike and know that while you are hiking you should enjoy the environment around you. And, make sure that you throw your stuff away, not just leave it in the nature. 

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