Travel mistakes

Travel mistakes can occur at any time or period of your journey leading to inconveniences, delayed flights, loss of money and embarrassments. Especially for introverts whose, every move needs to be perfect, I have a problem of getting nervous with other people behind the queue in the local shopping mall imagine being frisked by the authorities. Mistakes happen every time but it is important to prevent the unforeseen. Some common mistakes are;

Booking too early, many people make the mistake of booking much earlier before the travel date some taking it 3 months prior travel time. Planning your travel time is good, but it limits you from getting other free giveaways and enticements that travel companies and airlines give especially when the peak season is over. Timely booking is required also to avoid the rush that might lead them to hike their fares.

Overpacking, many socially anxious people have the problem of overpacking, the ‘will I look good in this, or this’ and you end up carrying the whole wardrobe. Carrying a lot of luggage might bring you trouble with the authorities, especially at the airport or make you pay more for a porter. Maintain your luggage to something you are comfortable handling through the customs and also across the streets in a new town. Having heavy luggage might force you to take a cab in a walking distance, this will strain your resources.

Avoiding Travel insurance, many people avoid travel insurance, bearing in mind that they have everything figured out, but the opposite happens. You might get delays at the airport when connecting flights that might make you incur losses. The money they require for travel insurance is meager compared to losing the whole trip.

Booking everything at once, before booking all your destinations is not a good idea, probably you don’t know the future. It might limit you from staying longer at a place you like just because you have booked and paid for something else. It is advisable to research possible sites in your destinations but you don’t have to book for reservations; instead, you can star mark or bookmark the website for when you deem fit. 

Exchanging all the money at the airport, most tourists and travelers make the mistake of exchanging all their money at the airport, the rates there are probably high and you will lose a great deal. Local banks offer lower exchange rates `and you might reconsider to only change the required money.

Not informing your bank of travel plans, this is a grave mistake that most travelers do. With the digital era, the bank can figure out the location of the transaction being made. They might even block the card for security reasons bearing in mind the high rates of cybercrimes. List it among your priorities to inform your bank of your travel plans. It is also advisable to carry to bank cards from two different banks; this might help you and avoid delays. I myself fell victim to this unfortunate event, and Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company didn’t get their money for fixing my garage door on time. I had to call from Europe and get it sorted out for them. Boy was it a chore staying up late at night to make up for the timezone difference. Never again!

 All the time misfortunes happen, don’t be up to yourself for being such a looser rise up after every fails and continue with your travel plans. Just because you missed your flight does not mean that you forego your trip, the insurance cover got you.